Monday, 16 May 2011

"I didn't shoot him full of holes or try to jump off a building with him."

Paul and Edith!!! - Legends! Thanks a million!

David, our translator! What a guy!!

Kriszti!! See you in June!!!

Robi and Sanyi!! 2 complete legends!!

and below, the widow happy with her newly painted gates :)

Heyaaaaa everybody :)

We're back again! Sorry we've taken a while to update the blog, but we've been pretty busy over the last few days! But read on, and find out all about it!!!

So on Thursday we travelled to Simpetru to do some practical work there. We were painting a gate for a widow that lived in the village. It was really good weather again, so it was tiring enough, but good fun too! The hard work was worthwhile when we saw the woman's face after we finished. She was so thankful, and just completely filled with joy!!! She kept saying "God bless you" in Romanian!!! And this was the highlight of a class day! :)

On Friday we met up with Jim Brown and Norman Lynas from Exodus. Norman was delivering teaching to local pastors at a conference in the Church next to our house. It was nice to have some teaching in English again! After we went back to Jim's house to have lunch with him and Norman. We ended up doing the gardening too!!! And Norman did a short discipling session with each of us, which we both found to be really beneficial! Norman also thought we would make 2 great teachers - that's 2 of you now Karen Booth!!!

That night we headed to Simleu Baptist again, but this time to participate in their youth meeting. They're partnering with an Exodus team that is coming over, so it was great to meet them! After we had a bit of banter with them, playing table tennis, pool and table football!!! Another epic day!!! :D

Early...and i mean early... Saturday morning we travelled to a village called Kec, near the Hungarian Border. We've been working hard on our Romanian, which proved to be completely useless while we were staying there, as they all spoke Hungarian!!! We stayed with a Pastor of a Reformed Church, like Presbyterian, called Paul - he was a legend! We met up with a guy called David who showed us around the village. After lunch, we led a meeting for a team of young people from their church who are coming to Ireland with Exodus in June! It was good banter, and great to start friendships with them all :)

Straight after this we went to their Youth meeting, and sat in on it. We worshipped, prayed and did a Bible study led by 2 of the young people there! It was an unbelievable night, no doubt the best night we have had so far :) It was amazing to see that God's presence was so evident in this group of people! It was actually like a family, rather than a youth group. They were all so passionate about God, and it was really refreshing and encouraging to see this!!! We also broke into small groups and had time to just chat to each other. We were two other guys called David and Sanyi, and it was class to hear some of their stories and be with them :) Sanyi actually used to live in Cookstown for a while!!! And some of the stories were hilarious!

Then we headed back inside, and they taught us an AWESOME game called Parliament! It's too long to explain now, but trust me Trinity Youth, we're going to be playing it pretty soon!!! :D

On Sunday, we went to the Church, and gave our testimonies. The Church service was different to Romanian services, but more similar to services we would have at home. Still hard to follow in a different language though!!!

That afternoon, the youth choir from the Church were participating in a big service, where all the different choirs from the area took part in. Not just saying this, but the Kec choir where by far the best!!! :) So after this, 14 of us crammed into a 9 seater mini bus to get back to Paul's house to prepare a surprise birthday party for his wife Edith. It was really cool to see how Birthdays are celebrated here; they're very different to what we have at home. So we had some birthday cake, and then played some more Parliament!!! We were a bit better this time, as we started to understand how to actually play! After this there was a Hungarian Karaoke, which we gave a by-ball to! Another awesome night - and we're all really tight with the youth there! It was rubbish saying goodbye, but we got lots of pictures and we can't wait to see the ones that are coming to Ireland in the summer!!! :)

Today, we just travelled back to Zalau, and are now shattered, sitting in Imbiss. We'll be taking advantage of a potential early night tonight! It's been a long, but awesome weekend!!! Hope everything is sweet in NI. Keep in touch, and let us know your prayer requests, thoughts or questions you may have!!!

"See how easy that was? Boom, still alive. Now we question him. You know why we question him? Because i got him in the leg. I didn't shoot him full of holes or try to jump off a building with him."


  1. Class photos and another fascinating update!!
    It will be great when you pair get more gardening or painting for me :-)
    God bless
    Mummy Bear

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  3. Guys... This is David:):D

    it's so cool to read your post:D I just found the blog a few minutes ago... :D
    soo coool to read :D
    lool, that pic with Joel n meee:))) that's crazy:))

    Was good to b with ya:)

    I'll follow ur blog... so, keep on:)