Friday, 20 May 2011

"Slinky Slinky, everyone loves a Slinky! GO SLINKY GO!"

Us with Pastor Dan from Simleu!
Above and Below - The janitor from Simleu, aka. The Hugger!

Us with Piano Man! BIG love!

And below - Us with Pastor Peter! LEGEND!

Salut everyone :) Its us again!

So this week has been a real practical week for us! We've been working hard and we're totally shattered! But before we get onto telling you's all about what we've been doing, we have a few really important things that we've got to get out of the way: First we want to give a BIG shout out to Emma Rea and Amy Evans - aka. EmDawg and AmDawg!!! They are LEGENDS and we miss them lots! Yall want a shout out people - just ask - thats how you do it! :)

So on Tuesday, we had a table talk with a local pastor. Basically, its just a Bible Study together, and it was banter! The Pastor was called Peter and is an absolute LEGEND! Always cracking jokes, which would be funnier if they were in english, but still hilarious! :) After, we got stuck into some more work on the house. We had to fix up the garden a bit again, because the weeds were already growing back... Lol. So after we got that out of the way, we had a Pizza King for lunch! BOOM! We ate so much we actually felt so sick :P That night we headed to our friends house as usual, and hung out with them and our good friend Piano Man... (Ionut)... (John)... lol. What a man <3

On Wednesday, we had to get rid of the massive pile of sand at the side of our house. So we had to bag it, and move it! Doesnt sound like much, but in 30 degree heat its pretty tiring! So we had the beautiful bods out ;) Plus sands pretty heavy. But anyways, so we had to move the bags of sand from the back of our house, round to the side/front. Joel was carrying round one of the bags, with his top off, whilst roaring like a dinosaur because it was so heavy...... Unfortunately, a middle aged woman walked past at this exact moment and was slightly terrified at this sight!!! :)

So on Wednesday night, we went to the Youth Group on the Church in Simleu! We listened in on their meeting, and then played a bit of pool and table tennis after! BANTER!!!

So yesterday and today, we have been moving tiles from our house to another house in a nearby village. So yeah, our house was a bit of a mess outside, with tiles and sand everywhere, but we've sorted that out a good bit now! Again it was awesome weather, but then also very tiring!

So now we're going to head round to our friends house again tonight for some LOST banter! Joelsy's got them all hooked on it ;) We dont know really what we are doing tomorrow. We're supposed to be going away for the weekend, but we haven't been told anything, so yeahhh, who knows what we will be doing! And we'll try update the blog as soon as we can with what we got up to!

Until then, take care and keep praying for us! Peace!

"Slinky Slinky, everyone loves a Slinky! GO SLINKY GO!"

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