Friday, 6 May 2011

"I got robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorised cart... AND I DIDNT EVEN SEE IT COMING!"

Hey everyone!!!

apologies for the late update on how we're getting on! we tried making video blogs but we couldnt get them uploaded, so we're resorted to the old fashioned way: typing...

first off, thanks to everyone who has been thinking of us and praying for us while we have been here. We really appreciate it, and it's a great encouragement!

We're keeping really well and having a blast! Our accomodation is nice, pretty basic but clean, and has everything we need. We've taken to sleeping full clothed, in our sleeping bags under blankets, because the house is always BALTIC!!! This combined with the freezing cold shower helps to wake us up every morning!!! We'll let you know in a post in 3 weeks whether we're still showering!!!

The foods been good, no complaints whatsoever, which is a pleasant surprise! We've been cooking most of our own meals, but the times we've been at other people's houses has been awesome too! And we've already had a cheeky wee meal out at Pizza King! Banter!!! There were 5 of us in total, we each got a massive pizza each and drink - and the whole bill only came to £20! Beat that Dominos!!!

The weather has been sweet, especially the first few days and the last couple too. It was really sunny, warm with a nice cool breeze. But the days in between, at the start of the week, were grey, cloudy and cold. So we're still working on the tan!!!

While we've been in Zalau we've met some pretty cool people our own age. The guy in charge of us Mircea, has a son called Emil, and a daughter called Dina, so we've been hanging out with them quite alot! Their english is better than ours!!!

The city is pretty nice, but not like any places we've seen before! We're going to a bigger city called Cluj tomorrow, so we'll let you know what it is like next time. We've also seen a different side to life in Romania, in small villages with no shops, no cars, no running water etc. But we'll chat more about that later...

So we flew to Budapest on the 28th April, and drove straight to Romania. It took 4 hours to get to the city Zalau where we are staying. so we were shattered!!! We had different experiences on the flight, with Carl enjoying the company of two missionaries from NI, who were travelling out to work in Romania, Hungary and Serbia. Joel on the other hand was plagued by a well-rounded, Irish child with strawberry blonde hair sitting on the seat behind him - just to keep it PG!!! He had a slight disposition for smashing Joel's chair every time he moved.

Last week, we've been getting into some practical work around the house we're staying in. We've been painting the inside of the house, and also doing some gardening too. It's been a shock to our systems!!!

Last sunday we went to two very different churches to give our testimonies. The first was a small village of 1000 people called Simpetru. The church was a small living room with over 20 people in it. The village was located up the mountains and was very basic. They had no cars, and used horse and cart instead, if they were lucky. The second church was a modern baptist church in a town called Simleu. the church was not unlike anything we would be used to at home.

Thats basically what we've been getting up to so far, but if you have any questions then feel free to post on this site and we'll get back to you! we'd love to hear from you guys!!!

Really appreciate it if you would keep praying for us, especially for energy, opportunities to tell people about Jesus, that we would see God move and grow deeper in our relationships with Him.

Speak to yall soon! <3

"I got robbed by a sweet old lady on a motorised cart... AND I DIDNT EVEN SEE IT COMING!"

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  1. Great to hear how well you guys are doing!! Keep it up, look after yourselves and know that you're missed here!! Tho sounds like Joel found an Adrian substitute on the plane ;) haha! Keepin you guys in our thoughts and prayers...keep up the awesome work and enjoy every minute! B&A xo