Sunday, 22 May 2011

"I got a cousin, he'll wear a manhole cover if he can get a big enough chain"

Nelu, Georgina and their family! Thanks for a great weekend!!!

Us and Mircea at the waterfall!!!
Carlo at the waterfall!!!

Joelsy at the waterfall!!!

Us and our good friend Dana!!!

Alright everyone! :)

We're back with another update on hows it all going here in Romania! This will probably be our penultimate blog!!! :( But first off, Laura Dickson needs a shout out, for being a total LEGEND!!! I've nobody to do random dances with in the middle of the street!!! Peace LD :) And second moment of dedication goes to big Josh Walker, who in his own words is "a Class A Gangster"!!! :D

So on Saturday we travelled to a village in the mountains called Scrind with Mircea. The village itself is over 750 metres above sea level! He then took us way higher up to a local waterfall! It's unreal as you can see from the photos!!! We spent over an hour there just taking pictures and looking about the mountain in awe!

After that, we went to Nelu and Georgina's house in Scrind. They were the couple who were hosting us over the weekend... And two legends!!! We had a great time getting to know them a bit more, and spending time with their family! The food was unreal, and it was also particularly nice to have a warm shower for once!!! That night we all watched Black Knight, which was hilarious! Shout out to Martin Lawrence!!! :) Boom!

Today we went to two church services in local villages surrounding Scrind. The first was a very small room, and only had 2 people other than Nelu, Georgina and us. Joel preached about the calling of the First Disciples in Luke 5 v 1 - 11. He was relieved there was only 5 people in the room to preach to! Phew! :) Carl also gave his testimony! Then we went back to the house for lunch, before going to a different church in a different village. At this service there was again only 3 people plus us and Nelu! This time, both of us gave our testimonies which seemed to be a huge encouragement to those who were there! Slava Domnului! :) (Praise the Lord, for those who don't speak Romanian)!!!

After the service, we travelled back to Zalau. Tonight we're hanging out with our friends again, and tomorrow is our last day in Zalau :( On Tuesday we travel to Budapest to meet big Petey Woo!!! Gutted to be leaving here, but looking forward to seeing Budapest, and of course, Big Waugh <3

Hopefully we'll get our last blog up in Budapest! So stay tuned! And thanks to all those who have been following our journey in Romania :D Peace out!

"Well lots of brothers wear medallions. I got a cousin, he'll wear a manhole cover if he can get a big enough chain. Got to put some bling bling on it though"


  1. it was good to have you here, guys!;)

    Have a nice trip. ;) God Bless!

  2. Thanks David!! Was so good to meet all you guys!! Missing you all a lot!! Take care bro!! See you in Ireland very soon!!! :D

  3. Yes!

    Hope you're right! Btw, write me a mail ( when u're at home!
    Wanna know about you!

    1 moth left till we go...
    Pray for us, for the team.

    God Bless!


  4. I'll definitely do that David!! And I'll be praying for all you guys!! God Bless you mate!!