Thursday, 26 May 2011

"I hate goodbyes!"

The Beautiful city of Budapest!
The lads in Budapest!!!

Us in Budapest!

Carl with Emi and Dina! Legends!

Joel with Emi and Dina! Legends!

Hello and thanks for checking out the last ever Romania blog!!!

We're now in Budapest and just waiting in our hostel to leave to travel to the airport! The last few days have been awesome with Sir Petey Woo! or as he has now became known as 'Belly Button' ;) We arrived here on Tuesday after a 5 or 6 hour car journey from Zalau! That day we just took a bit of time to see the city, and chillaxed in the park watching the skaters. Then we had tea and then heading back to chill at the hostel, where we met two hilarious guys... They were like Seth and Evan from Superbad! Uncool but hilarious! :)

On Wednesday, we walked up to the Castle in Buda to see around the sites there. There was awesome views as you can see from the photos! After that we went to a Turkish Bath, which was beast! Pretty disturbing as a lot of the old Hungarian dudes brewed about naked... But aside from that, it was a good experience! We also got a massage there!!! Which you might think sounds a little wierd, and you would be right! Walking into the room, i could have thought of many people i would rather take a massage from, but the bald guy was surprisingly gentle!!! :) Jokes. but not really. They were awesome massages in all seriousness! Then we chilled in the hostel before heading out for dinner! Was a pretty full day, and was great to see the city!

Today, we had a bit of a lie in and then spent some time reflecting on the last month, before dandering about the city again. Thinking about the last month, its been IMMENSE! We'd like to thank you for all your support, prayers and coming with us on the journey! The blogs been good fun for us to do, and i hope its been fun for you guys to read :) God has really moved while we've been here, and we cant wait to tell you more about all that has happened!

See you all soon! God Bless <3

"I hate goodbyes!"

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