Monday, 9 May 2011

"You like espresso? I'll make it back there myself with a lemon twist, it's good, you'll like it!"

Horse and cart ride!!!
Day in Cluj with Pica and Codruta

Salut!!! Ce faci? :)

Thats hello, how are you, in Romanian!

So you might have found our last title to be a bit random! So we'll explain! So basically, we thought at the time that it would be a good idea to make our title a movie quote!! We should add that this bears no relation whatsoever to what we are talking about in the blog! Just for the bant!!! The last one was from Dumb and Dumber by the way, for all of you who don't know. But anyways...

So on Friday we didnt really do much. We went to see our friend Emil play a gig at the local school! Quite random that two foreigners could just brew into the school without any questions asked. But meh. It was quite good weather and the craic was good! It was funny to see them play We Are the Champions! The other band were also really good, and they did some Greenday and Blink 182 :) ROCKIN // *tribute to Pete Waugh*

On Saturday we went to Cluj, which is one of the biggest cities in Romania! We met this legend called Pica and his girlfriend called Codruta. They showed us round the city and took us to a pretty epic mall called the Iulius Mall! While we were in the city we just randomly brewed into 2 different weddings! And then we bought our Romania footy tops in the Mall :) After we got a wee McD's, we headed back to Pica's girlfriends house and played a bit of cards!!! :P Great day!!!

So when we got home on Saturday, we headed round to our friends house for Emil's birthday party! Happy 21st big lad :) We had some pizza and cake, and watched movies! Didn't get home until 2am, so it was a pretty long day!

So yesterday we went to a church in another small village called Stupini. It again was a really small room again, and we did our testimonies, translated by our lovely friend Dina :) Have to say that, she is sitting beside us!!! Was really encouraging because the people were so full of joy! Then we went back to Simpetru and got a horse and cart ride!!! Absolute BANTER!!! We must have looked like right pillocks, because we kept nearly falling off it! :) Then Carl preached in the church in Simpetru that night about Luke 10 v 38 - 42, Mary and Martha, and how important it is to spend time with God. He did epically well considering the amount of notice he was given!!! :D That night we headed back to Dina and Emils, and watched Rush Hour 2!!! Another long, but epic day!!!

At the minute, we're sitting in Imbiss with Dina and Dana <3 Just enjoyed a good burger and chips!!! Its our day off, so we havnt any plans! just going to head and do the shopping now and then head to our friends tonight again :)

"You like espresso? I'll make it back there myself with a lemon twist, it's good, you'll like it!"

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